The Need To Understand

Do you resonate with this?


I strive to understand people, situations, processes, even machines – my head can go into real overdrive for the sheer desire to figure ‘it’ out. There is immediate frustration, when I can’t understand or cannot get it fully. The feeling of not being able to connect entirely with the person, subject or task at hand, can leave me feeling blue. In fact, my brain starts playing the ‘repeat’ button over and over in an attempt that surely this time I will solve the riddle.

How utterly relieved was I, the day (actually it was during the night) I finally ‘got it’ !!!!!

Yes, I am allowed to not understand everyone and everything! There is no need to be on that same ‘wave-length’, it is o.k. not to analyse and solve!

….and the best thing is that this is true for anyone else coming into contact with myself – he or she does not have to understand me, my way of thinking, my way of acting, my way of being – trusting that all is well and the way it is supposed to be is way easier.


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