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“I am passionate about bringing out the BEST in people!​

Helping you to become a confident communicator in business and life is the crux of my coaching work.

If you want great interactions, you need to become a great communicator.

​Great communication goes hand in hand with Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. Each of us needs to own our feelings, our words and our actions.

​I offer unbiased listening and feedback, coaching you to bring out the best version of YOU.

Individuals, Leaders and Entrepreneurs  – anybody who is keen to grow personally or professionally can make use of my offers.


My coaching career started in sports as a teenager and carried through to my professional life as Trainer and Coach in the Banking Academy in my native country, Germany, delivering their national Communication & Sales training courses (http://www.rwag.de).

​In New Zealand my career spans across all three economic sectors: Public (Education), Private (Tourism, Finance) and the Voluntary Sector, where I held operational and people management positions.

​My life-long passion and involvement in Performing Arts has been a fitting scene to cultivate stage presence and to perfect presentation skills.

​Experiential Learning is a main ingredient of my workshops  – aka ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’

In my spare time I take interest in Human Psychology, Psychodrama, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Non Violent Communication as well as Emotional and Cultural Intelligence.

​I am also a NZ and Australia accredited Life Coach and an accomplished Toastmaster and Past President for local Club, “Madhatters”.

“My mission is to enhance Communication & Culture by raising self-awareness and emotional intelligence in people when they are interacting with others.”

I am excited to let you know I also offer in-house ‘Speaking With Confidence’ courses in collaboration with Thomas Spring.  click here for more info