One : One

Get an impartial and astute perspective on your situation! Face 2 Face or Virtual (Skype or Zoom)

As your Coach I will be your trusted outsider, your sounding board, offering you unbiased invaluable insights into any of your issues.

My role is to empower and motivate you to achieve what you desire most! I give highly constructive, non-judgemental feedback to empower you to handle current and up and coming challenges.

Integrity is paramount to my work and my life as a whole. Therefore, as soon as you engage me as your Coach, you choose to do this as openly or as invisibly as you wish.

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Personal and Professional Development Coaching with a focus on effective communication

Benefits include:

  • Communicating with others more clearly.  Many mistakes or misinterpretations are a result of not properly communicating ideas. Good communication skills help to articulate ideas well and make them come alive for the listener.
  • Establishing trust and respect from others with greater ease. Our success in dealing with partners, clients or colleagues depends a great deal on our communication skills. The ability to convince people with words is key to establishing trust and respect. This can include not only what you say, but how you say it.
  • Building overall confidence.  As people become better at organising and communicating ideas effectively, they will start to exhibit more confidence.
  • Running meetings or presenting new ideas more effectively.  The ability to chair a meeting, coupled with presentation skills are part of nowadays job descriptions and rely heavily on clear communication skills and stage presence know-how.
  • Building success in professional life.  Anybody who is successful in the business world, relies on the ability to communicate well and therefore is able to contribute more effectively to the team and the overall organisation.


“After my first coaching session with Angelika, I went home elated and for the first time in months, full of hope for my future. Her positivity and and zest for life is simply infectious. I’m so grateful. ”                                                                            Trudi S.

Thank you Angelika for a great one to one session. You really helped me craft my story for a recent workshop and it made all the difference now I have my story captured I can use this time and time again tweaking it a little to suit my audience. Thank you so much and highly recommend your SERVICES. Carolina Kerridge, Richmond

“I only had 2 days left  to prepare a presentation about myself as part of an interview for a high ranking position. Angelika coached me on how to best deliver a self-promoting presentation that I believed in 100% I came across as a confident, knowledgeable and appealing candidate. In the process I could feel myself growing inches in self-confidence, truly transforming myself and hence my presentation to something I felt proud of. Yes, I got offered the job! Thank you so much!”              J. Mares

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