Angelika Barnes

“Angelika has a great talent for delivering complicated concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.  Her delivery style is clear, inclusive and energetic.  She strives to make every coaching session as interactive as possible. ”

“Find Your ‘Sales’ Voice was awesome, because it was practical! I loved that we got so much opportunity to practice in a safe, friendly and positive environment. I already feel more confident and appreciated the valuable feedback I got from everyone.” Isabella Merschdorf, Tales Content & Copywriting

” I was sufficiently encouraged to get out and express my pitch. I’ve gone from nervous to comfortable.  It was fascinating to take part and to watch others and myself, develop further!” Chantell Bramley, Chalkbox Nelson

“I love working with Angelika – she oozes confidence, support and a wealth of experience in all that she presents and teaches.” Jacqui Ward, Abel HR People & Performance

“I only had 2 days left  to prepare a PPP about myself as part of an interview for a high ranking position. Angelika coached me on how to best deliver a self-promoting presentation that I believed in 100%, so I came across as a confident, knowledgeable and appealing candidate. In the process I could feel myself growing inches in self-confidence, truly transforming myself and hence my presentation to something I felt proud of. Yes, I got offered the job! Thank you so much!”              J. Mares

“This workshop was very beneficial to help me hear how my ‘sales pitch’ sounds to myself and others and to gain more confidence and ideas!” C. Taylor

“Thank you so much for your workshop, it was the most engaging, fun, interactive and useful session we’ve had.” Isabella, Nelson

“For anyone else reading this, the word coaching can often make us feel nervous, speaking for myself its the fear of being judged I think. Angelika has a bright cheery disposition that instantly makes you feel completely at ease. ” Linda Cunningham, Tall Poppy Real Estate

” Just wanted to say thanks so much for today’s workshop. I truly enjoyed myself and picked up some great learnings. It was a lovely eclectic mix of people and skill sets and I loved the atmosphere that you created. It did feel like a safe learning environment and what an amazing achievement for you to have someone looking for employment and feeling able to take such a risk in front of others.

 I can’t remember the last time I valued a workshop so much. Time frame was perfect – left me feeling like I wanted just a little bit more!” Pen Walkinshaw, Relaxation Massage

“It feels like a weight has been lifted, I really appreciate your unbiased, intuative insight, Angelika.” Simon, Nelson

“I only needed one session with Angelika to end months of agony over staying in a job that was dissatisfying. Her crystal clear way of grasping and reflecting my dilemma motivated me to act. At work I could still hear Angelika’s voice in my head which helped me to have the confidence to pull through. I highly recommend her coaching service.” Rosa Trancoso

“We have just finished a major restructuring process in our business under Angelika’s professional guidance and the outcome is fantastic! In collaboration with our team Angelika streamlined and optimised our internal processes, making workflow more efficient and more satisfying for everybody. I was impressed by Angelika’s professionalism and her profound understanding of business processes. Working with her has given our company a fresh approach and a tremendous boost. I would recommend working with Angelika to anybody wanting to improve business structures, work flows and team building.” Martina Koennecke, Immigration Concepts

“Angelika is a natural enthusiast!  You can’t help but feel affected by her good vibe. She leads with ease and has a personality of persuasive authority. I recommend her coaching services highly.”        Susan H. Nelson